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News Detail - Senin, 10 Agustus 2015
Elemination is the best way to prevent rabies
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Writer: Biro Humas Setda Prov Bal

Bali Governor thought that the best way to prevent rabies in Bali is elimination, but it should be accordence with norms. However, Governor Pastika really deplored some rejection from people and animal lover foundations. They just compared to european communities in caring pets. According to governor we could not equalize our community with in Europe, because western societies have awared and cared with a good procedures, both the cleanliness including washing pets or maintaning pets health, and vaccinate regularly. In Bali many unattended dogs are wandering in the road. It was delivered by Bali Governor, Made Mangku Pastika when responding some media question related on rabies handling which alsobecame some faction highlight in plennary season which has an agenda to hear the opinion of faction about local regulation planning of 2015 local budget’s change in main assembly room, on Monday (27/7). “We should overcome rabies, because human life is more importantthan the life of dogs. We all very love animal, one of God’s creation, but we should look at reality. This emergency situation requires to prioritize human life,” said him.

Governor expected the real rule of foundation and animal lovers in catching the wild dogs, vaccinating and caring dogs so the spread ofvirus could be discontinoued. Governor also explained the expensive cost of rabies vaccine. It is needed 4 vaccines that cocts 150.000 respectivelly and plus 1 tetanus vaccine. The first step of treatment for someone who bites by rabies infected dog, is estimated about 1 miliion. That is so expensive. Besides that, the lack of VAR (anti-rabiesvaccine) caused the producer of vaccine, PT. Biofarma limits the production. “So it’s not because government does not want to buy,” concluded him.

Meanwhile, head of Bali assembly (DPRD), Adi Wiryatama, explained the plenary season aimed to hear the general opinion of each faction related to 2015 RANPERDA (local regulation planning), including opinion, study and opinion. Some faction agreed to review and follow up rabies as delivered by Panca Ayu from PDIP (Indonesian Democratic Party – Strugle), Golkar (Functional Groups Party) stressed on settlers as well as SILPA (Unspent funds at end of fiscal year). However, they also said that the provincial government program is whorth to be continued. The suggestion is delivered by Golkar faction, SIMANTRI (Integrated Agriculture System) as one of favorite program should be continued and be monitored intensively. Gerindra (Great Indonesia Movement Party) also agreed on the using of budget to manage theb efecetive, efficient, transparent and aacountable financial. PDIP also added that executif should optimize the local revenue.

Kadek Nuarta who read Panca Bayu opinion, expected that facilitation owned by bali provincial government like Mess Bali provincial representatives in Jakarta, becomes a hotel, it could support also the event like exhibition, workshop as well as cultural performance through Bali Exhibition center. Meanwhile the PDIP opinion which was read by Kadek Darmini reviewed on the delay on disbursement of BKK (special financial aid) for traditional fillage and subak (traditional irigation system in Bali). Golkar oponion which was read by Nyoman Wirya stressed on the capital participation of governmentin Bali Mandara toll road and others. It was considered so important to evaluate.

Read: 1106 Readers

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