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News Detail - Selasa, 05 Desember 2017
Governor Pastika Officially Opens The 6th Bali Traditional Village Institution Meeting
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Writer: Bagian Berita

As international tourism destination, Bali is an open region. Fast and complex globalization dynamic, effects several social, economy and ideology sector. That phenomene certainly influence to existance of Desa Pakraman (traditional village). It was conveyed by Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika while opening 6th meeting of Majelis (Officials) Desa Pekraman (MDP) that has theme “To strengthen the existence of Desa Pakraman to Face Global Challenge” in Ksirarnawa hall, Art Center Denpasar, on Wednesday (15/11).
Pastika said the commitment to increase Desa Pakraman existence should be started by the official of Desa Pakraman both form lowest and top level and government. “One of the is the strengthen of officials capacity, trough several programs/activities,” said him. To strengthen Desa Pakraman function, he suggested three things to become the official, there are age, has a good record and better is non partisan. It needs the supervision by officials also. And the last one is any regulation determined by Desa Pakraman should be authorized in writing and known by the officials as well.

Bendesa Agung Majelis Utama (main leader) of Desa Pakraman Jero Gede Suwena Putus Upadesa said many things should be discussed to face this fast globalism era. According to him, the power of Bali is its human resource. Therefore, how we can increase Bali’s human resource to realize Desa Pakraman becoming prosperous. Don’t let Bali’s human resource weakened by drugs and others negatives influence, added him. “We need to admit, the human resources of Desa Pakraman’s officials should be increased in order to raise the existence of Desa Pakraman,” said him.
Governor Pastika also said that Bali Provincial Government has committed to always preserve Balinese culture which is based on Hindu, through some programs that aim to empower society and any tradisional bodies in all villages. One of effort is provision of financial grants continously that has been allocated in local budget and the amount is increasing every year. “After supported by regional representative, in nex 2018, each traditional village institution will get 225 million of finacial grant. It is increasing from only 200 million,” said him
that meeting was attended by about 325 participants. Head of Interfaith Communication Forum

Ida Pangelingsir Agung Putra Sukahet, Head of Bali Indonesia Hindu Association who also officiate as IHDn rector Prof. Dr.Drs. I Gusti Ngurah Sudiana, Head of People Welfare Agency AA Gede Geriya, and others invitation also attended that event. (PM)

Read: 21 Readers

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