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http://www.birohumas.baliprov.go.id/ - Jumat, 16 Juni 2017
Be The Keynote Speaker in World Hindu Wisdom Meet (WHWM) 2017, Governor: We Have To Be Able To Act, Speak, and Think Like What We Have Learned In Weda
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Writer: Biro Humas Setda Prov Bal

Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika became the keynote speaker at the world Hindu Wisdom Meet (WHWM) 2017 forum held at Natya Mandala Building, ISI Campus Denpasar, on Sunday (11/6). On that occasion, Governor Pastika conveyed that as the oldest religion in the world, Hinduism is a universal religion which can be seen from the teaching contained in the Vedic scriptures. Vedas are a source of knowledge and a source of universal law whose existence is unquestionable. The teachings contained in the Vedic scriptures cover all aspects of life required by humans. For that the doctrine contained in it should continue to be explored and understood in depth so as to provide real benefits in all aspects of life for all humanity in the world.
    "Veda is an ultimate truth, source of sciences. The teory which included in Veda is really important for life and universal. Let's we built the bridge not the wall to separate us. Built the bridge between the old generations with the young generations, between one trust with another belief. Don't pack the box of  yourself. So that, the theory that we have learned in Veda could be understanding by every people in this world." explained him.
    Governor Pastika also invites Hindus to not only know / know just what contained in Veda but also able to act, speak, and think like what is taught in Veda. On the other hands, the number one person in Bali also concerned about the diversity of Hindus ritual in every places, that for him the difference of those rituals would be better if it doesnt't makes some conflicts. Since Hinduism is very flexible, the rituals can be adapted to the Kala and Patra village (place, time, and atmosphere) of the ritual.
    “Although the rituals in one place may be different from the rituals in other areas, it’s not the cause conflict. We all trust and believes in the existence of Brahman, believe in the existence of Brahman, believe in the presence of Atman, karmaphala, punarbhawa and moksa. These five elements of Panca Sradha unite Hinduism all over the world. These five beliefs will always be our guide in living the life of the earth,” He said.
    The same things also conveyed by Director General of Bimas Hindus Ministry Of Religious Affairs Prof. Drs I Ketut Widnya, MA, M.Phil, Ph.D in his speech which read by Ka. Kanwil Ministry Bali Provincial that it gives an appreciation for the implemention of WHWM 2017 in this morning. This activity is expected gives some benefits to especially Hindus people in Bali and the world. Hindus people have expected to be confident that Veda could directed science and technology in our life. The existence of Veda must be always explored and explored so that Hindus people could contributed in facing global challenges. This activity also expected could encourage Hindu scholars to contribute more in Veda and more participate of building Hindu Civilization in this universe.
    The event was officially opened by the Governor Bali with the ignition of Dipa. The theme is “Para and Apara Vidya As The Base Of Hindu Body Of Knowledge” or spiritual knowledge and science and technology as the base of Hindu scholarly tree, held as effort to find material, structur, Various Hindu theories and their relation to Vedic knowledge, modern science and technology to guide humanity achieve the highest purpose of life.
    The WHWM 2017 implementation has a special purpose to understand in depth and construct the theory and sciences of Hinduism which is methodically, critically, systematically, coherently and consistently consistent with scientific science criteria. The event was also attended by Chairman of Major General PHDI TNI Purn. Wisnu Bawatenaya, Deputy Speaker of Provincial of Bali Alit Putra, Head of Bali Provincial Cultural Department Dewa Putu Beratha, Head of Public Relations and Protocol of Bali Provincial Secretary Dewa Gede Mahendra Putra, Pandita Bali, Bendesa Adat and the students lasted for two days and Filled with several speakers such as Swami Paramatmananda Saraswati, Prof. Binayak S. Choudhury, Prof. Dr. Nengah Bawa Atmaja, MA serta Ngakan Putu Putra, SH, MA. (PM)

Read: 365 Readers

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