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http://www.birohumas.baliprov.go.id/ - Senin, 09 November 2015
The Availability of Public Space is in line with Tri Hita Karana
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Writer: Biro Humas Setda Prov Bal

The theme of 2015 World Habitat Day, Space For All, is in line with with Balinese philosophy of life which emphasizes the harmonious relationship among Human and God, human and human, as well as human and environment, called Tri Hita Karana. That philosophy can motivate people in creating peace and comfort in their daily life. It was delivered by Bali governor, Made Mangku Pastika, in his speech which was read by vice Governor Ketut Sudikerta on 2015 World Habitat Day event, in Wrdapura Hotel, Sanur, on Friday (9/10). Furthermore Pastika said that public space is real form of Tri Hita Karana philosophy, because it is social interaction media, preserving the environment, as well as a space to implement religious ritual. So Bali provincial government always commits to develop public space as culture center and social interaction media as well. Some real effort has been done by government, for example developing more public space, improve pedestrian path, and revitalize all public space which has heritage value. In his speech, Pastika also exemplified Puputan Margara Renon as public space as well as the place of heritage venue located, it called Monumen Perjuangan Rakyat Bali. That field and monument had been constructed in 1998, and been finished in 2001. It is a public space used by communities to exercise, family recreation, art performance, etc.  Every Sunday morning also provided car free day and People can talk anything podium (PB3AS). That podium is a form of public space as media to interact and express freely. On that occasion vice of Bali governor, Ketut Sudikerta, added that public space is in line with one of Bali Mandara Program to realize Bali clean and green. He also invited all community to participate realizing Bali clean and green with protecting environmental soundness. One of effort is taking out the trashinits place and comply with thesmoking banin public places“Aware yourself first to realize healthy life,” conclude him.

Meanwhile Minister of Public Work and Housing which was represented by director general of humans settlements, Andreas Suhono, appreciated Bali as caring environment island, and that is reason why choose Bali as a host in that 2015 World Habitat Day commemoration. Furthermore, he explained that many communities concentrated leaving in urban area exacts government to provide friendly public space. Good public space in urban area can increase social cohesion, people welfare, encourage investment, and environmental sustainability in a residential area. That public space adjusted to the availabilityof land, and the most important it should be accessed by people easily, both children, adult, elders, and those who have disability. According to direction of President Joko Widodo, local government should providing many public spaces in order to realize beatifull urban and free of slums as well. Andreas added, on this 2015 Workd Habitat Day, President also reminded with providing a qualified public space, we has been creating qualified man at the same time. Do not end with providing public space, but we should also maintaining its cleanliness and beauty. Unmaintained public space is not only be able to reduce its positive benefit, but also becomes new problem for local communities. Lack of security, decreasedaesthetictown, and chaos are problem arising while the public space do not get good maintaining. So he pressed all local government to add more worth public space and be able to be accessed by all communities, as well as add green open space, shady city walk so people can walk and interact with happy.

World Habitat Day has been determined in 1986 by United Nation. The event which is cemmomerated each Monday in the first week of October, is a form of awarness to fullfill the worth housing and settlement needs for all communities, as well as to increase a shared responsibility for the futurre of human being. This 2015 World Habitat Day begins with hearings with President of Republic of Indonesia on 6 october, and continued by cemmomeration in Denpasar, Bali from 9th through 11st of october which is filled with seminar, beachclean-upmovement, competitions, exhibitions and green walk on 11 october 2015. The event whis was attended by Assistant of Economic AffairsDevelopmentand Social Welfareof Bali provincial government Ketut Wija, head of Public Work agency, Nyoman Astawa Riadi and all officials of Ministry of Public work and Housing, was ended with revewing exhibition from related institution both from central and local government in Indonesia.

Read: 945 Readers

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