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http://www.birohumas.baliprov.go.id/ - Senin, 21 September 2015
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Writer: Biro Humas Setda Prov Bal

To create a peacefull athmosfer along Pilkada (local election), the secure condition should be realized. That condition should include security, safety, surety and peace. As long as that process goes well, in accordence with the rule and fullfil these four elements as well, so Pemilukada will certainly safe. It was delivered by Bali governor, Made Mangku Pastika, who was a keynote speaker of workshop in Udayana University, Denpasar, on Monday (14/9). That workshop had a theme “Synergizing in Escorting the Democratic Process of Local Election to Support Bali Tourism Existence”. As long as it turns well, there is nothing the fuss. “If there is not the surety, the conflict will arise, because there are so many interest are conflicting. So these four elements should be completed,” added him.

That theme is considered relevant with our condition recently, in which the tourism is the main sector in Bali economy, and safety is very required. So the peace and order during that process from begining to ending should be created, as well as should give the substantial meaning for our democratic life.

The election which will held simoultaneously in 6 regencies in Bali, according to Pastika has high potential conflict. Political tension will always raise, recently has been in warm condition and will heat up soon if there are those who take advantage of the situation. He really appreciated the event that considering as a media to exchange idea in addresing the situation currently. That event also be as a media to absorb every suggestion from each elements. "Even a small event, it is so important because many suggestion delivered for society to create a condussive condition ahead of election. I please media publish the event,” said Pastika.

The participant who come from Social and Politic Faculty also aimed be able to create better, fairer and more honest leader. Because for the future, the goverment will manage by those who come from political section.

Furthermore, Pastika who was accompagnied by Bali provincial inspector, I Ketut Teneng, explained that tourism in Bali is depend on safety factorTo create the safe Bali is not an easy work. It needs a committement, hardwork, awarness and togetherness. Our situation is not a “taken for granted”, but it is a hardwork result all elements. According to him, our condition should be maintained, because the tourism could not be developed without security

Vice of 1st rector who represented Warmadewa University rector, I Nyoman Kardana, thanked to Bali provincial government especially PR agency, for its trust in organizing the event at that university. He admitted always opened in coordinating with all elements as the implementation of Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi, and regarding be able to increase the capacity of university. The theme of local election choosen because that is accordance with recently situation. That simultaneously elecetion feared be able to cause an anarchy action, so a good monitoring of each step is really needed. Because it has a strategic and important rule to avoid all preventive action. He also expected any used suggestion would be obtained on the event which attended by every element. It purposed to oversee the election.

Read: 1256 Readers

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